A downloadable Voices for Windows

Voices is an eerie first-person experience, in which you play Thomas, a clerk of the Newport Court in Wales. One November evening in 1989, he comes home and hears his mother talk to him though she has been dead for a couple years. This is only the first of a series of strange events. Will Thomas manage to survive ?

Install instructions

Extract the folder and run the .exe.
It's only playable with an Xbox controller.


voices.rar 814 MB


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only an xbox controller? really, not everyone owns an xbox!!  would have really liked to try your game out , but once again NO XBOX CONTROLLER!! 

Tried the game, and it got lots of potential, but please add Mouse/keyboard, cause controller sucks :) will play when that is an option.

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Hey!  I just played through this and I can honestly say it's one of the best horror games I've found on this site so far!  It is a bit rough around the edges though, and here are some bugs I noticed:

 - When you pause and select controls, the controller picture never leaves the screen, even after I unpaused.  I had to reload the game.

 - There's a couple of the notes that had missing words (typos), so maybe double check those.

 - When I lost and got caught by the old lady I wasn't able to select reload with my controller.  I had to force quit the game and reload.

For the most part, it seems much more polished than other games and I had a good time playing it!  I recorded myself playing, but I haven't finished editing the video yet.  I'll post on here when I do!  (Unless this gets updated by the time I post the video, haha).

I'd be very happy if you keep updating this!  It has some great potential already!  Thanks for the awesome game!

P.S. I would also love the option to adjust sensitivity (I played with a controller).  It felt a bit high for me (but it's better to have it too high than too low :) so maybe it's not a big deal).

Hi ! Thanks a lot for your feedbacks ! We're already working on a new update of the game, so be sure to get the latest version once we have fixed more bugs !

Hey ! thank you for bringing that up, we've just uploaded it again !

Besides, it's better to play with a Xbox controler rather than keyboard+mouse, and it was made for windows and not macs

The game is looking for voices_data but you left the name as voicesprototype_data so it can't open. It can still be played if you rename the file to the right name.

Hi Spudcats, does your game start completely, because mine just gets stuck at the loading screen

Tried it on all the settings,  even tryed it with and without a controller can't get passed the loading screen either so it will probably need to be updated to stop the crashes.

Game Looks great but it tells me the game is not executable